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What is 7 Valli road

The 7 VAlli Road is a package of 4 road routes in Carnia - Friuli Venezia Giulia - of 270 - 220 - 155 - 120 kilometers and with differences in altitude ranging from 8387 meters to 3662 which touch the most important climbs in the area, also famous because covered by the stages of the Giro d'Italia.

The names of Zoncolan, Duron, Sella Chianzutan and Valle di Lauco , Passo Pura, Sella Razzo , are well known by Italian and non-Italian cyclists, and alongside these great climbs, there are also other no less demanding climbs, such as the climb of Sella Pani or that of the nearby Cadore di Passo San Antonio , in Auronzo.

4 routes, called Road 270, Road 220, Road 155 and Road 120, to be tackled in a maximum of 4 consecutive days, collecting the stamps placed on the route and thus obtaining the " souvenir trophy" (tracks 270 and 220 are particular difficulty, therefore they can also be tackled in 2 weekends ).
A challenge, a goal to be achieved, with tenacity and effort, rewarded by the splendid landscapes.

A way to get to know Carnia and its splendid mountains.


Passion & Adventure

To face this exciting adventure, purchase (€25) your "7 Valleys" kit from the site, and collect it at the INFOPOINT in Tolmezzo, from 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm, or have it sent to your home, in 5 working days, at a cost of €7

Inside you will find everything you need to follow the route and reach the stamp points, as well as gadgets.
Once you have collected the various stamps, you will have to deliver the completed stamp card to INFOPINT in Tolmezzo. In case it is not possible to deliver the completed stamp card, you can take a photo of it and send it to our whatsapp, you will receive the trophy at home with the expense of €7.

The GPX track will be sent to you two days before the departure date you chose and communicated to us at the time of purchasing the kit.

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The Routes

Where to start from

Ideal starts:



Sauris di Sotto






The hypothetical START of these 4 routes was placed in TOLMEZZO, the capital of CARNIA, however, since the routes are rings, you can start the tour of your choice from any point on the route.