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Important information

Respect the highway code  

- Avoid advancing side by side if in a group, but rather in single file. - Pay attention, in high altitude areas in some sections it may happen to find animals out of the pasture and on the roadway. - The 7 Valli road travels along public roads, where in some cases the traffic is also high in particular periods of the summer season, therefore pay extreme attention, also equipping yourself with signalers (red retro light) furthermore, given the length of the route, you can to find with darkness lurking and therefore it is advisable to also have a front light.
The whole route is done at your own risk .

-The tracks also touch high mountain altitudes, (maximum altitude 1820, mlsm) inform yourself in advance about the weather conditions, bringing the appropriate clothing with you, remembering that the weather can change suddenly in the mountains.
- Respect and protect nature, do not disturb the animals around you, both wild and domestic


Useful information

- physically prepared in an adequate way, the routes, even the 120 km one, always have more than 3500 meters in altitude and on climbs such as the ZONCOLAN (22%) or SELLA PANI (20%)
- if you plan to do long stages, start your "adventure" very early, already at the first light of day.
- calculate the times generously, bearing in mind all the problems you may encounter, punctures, mechanical damage, storms or even heavy traffic.
- yes, you are on state roads or similar, but if it happens to you, change your plans and stop before dark (contact the organization if necessary).
- Since the 7 Valli routes are long and demanding, the ideal would be to tackle them with several friends.
- bring everything for the high mountains with you, for example warm, waterproof and windproof clothing.
- a good check of the BICYCLE before the start is very important, enough food, plenty of drinks, and with you a repair kit and spare parts.
- always check the route with the map, the compass and the GPS, the route will have signs or horizontal signs on the ground, at the most important crossroads or detours, when in doubt, therefore pay attention even slowing down if necessary, it's not a race it's a GREAT GOOD CHALLENGE WITH YOURSELF


Comparative table

level of preparation to face the 4 routes, in the number of days chosen

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