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7 Valleys Road

Cycling in the mountains




cycling in the mountains

By The Orange Line

The Orange Line

via Cascina, 5 Tolmezzo (UD)


cell . +39 351 9607555


Road 270

274 km 8387 meters in altitude is the main Tour of the 7 Valli Road. It is the route that touches all the great climbs of Carnia of the cycling Giro d'Italia, with the addition of two new ones, the Forca di Pani and the climb of Passo San Antonio (Auronzo) in nearby Cadore. So starting from Tolmezzo, you pass through:
Sella ChianzutanForca di PaniPasso PuraSella Razzo (BL)Passo di San Antonio (BL)DuronZoncolanVal di Lauco
Designed to be completed in 4 stages it can also be tackled in 2 or 3 the important thing is to reach 7 stamp points
Sella ChiamponSella PaniSella RazzoSappadaTausiaZoncolanFuessa
in a maximum of 4 CONSECUTIVE days or 2 WE.

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